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Thursday, November 10, 2005


this is an excerpt from Sunbury Online

But my concern is that if you are t00 busy to contribute to a public discussion now how will you go if elected?

No problems there, I try to lead a balanced life, I am campaigning and over the last week I have personally letterboxed about 2000 houses, whilst running a household and attemtping to hold down my day job. When I was on council previously I never missed a meeting, sorry I may have missed one whilst on a family holiday, I can't recall exactly.

Never hidden the fact that my family come first and always will, as I expect that people would appreciate.

Today saw me finishing the last of the letterboxing, I really have empathty for "posties" now. The number of houses that have letterboxes with hinged letterbox slots that I have jammed my fingers in over the last 4 days is amazing.

Anyway it's all finished now, I can now eradicate my house of numerous boxes of crap and try to get my life back to normality, whatever that is.

Off up to Sydney on Saturday for a wedding and catch up with the family, it will be a welcomed break.