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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today I did a rare thing

I bought The Age and actually read most of it. It helps to be watching an Under 14 Cricket game and seeing your son get 2 quick wickets. I did have a chuckle at the following letter to the Editor

Men have no idea

HOW can someone who lies so openly and blatantly become a minister of the Crown? Here we have Tony Abbott running an obviously Christian ethos against the will of the vast majority of women in this country by banning the abortion pill, saying it is because of "medical advice"! What a twisted man he is, especially as his own life was once so wayward that he can't even remember which kids are his. For any man to be allowed to have any say in a matter so critical to the quality of life and so deeply emotional to women is a travesty in itself; to have a male self-proclaimed ethical adjudicator who would not have the faintest idea what goes on in the hearts and minds of women to make critical judgements for them to boost his popularity with the Christian community is abhorrent.
George Pike, Launceston, Tas

Tony Abbott you are a disgrace!