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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stir Crazy!

What's the saying a week is a long time in the life of Politics. I think that the next week will feel like a month. Yesterday was OK, I could occupy my time with Mr J's sporting persuits (his baskeball team won it's first game). Today was a different story, even though it was a fairly pleasant day, my original plan to head to Williamstown didn't eventuate as it wasn't quite warm enough (I like it hot). So I started the annual activity of putting up the Xmas Lights.

Firstly I had to head to Bunnings to buy a hedge trimmer so that I could trim some of the shrubs that would hide the lights if they weren't trimmed. Then I started, and as in every year, I decided that I didn't have enough, which is rubbish of course, I just wanted an excuse to spend some money. So I headed to the Warehouse and a lot of money later, we now have reindeers and a a moving Santa. At the moment these are set up in my loungeroom and will immigrate to the front lawn during the week.

Tonight was spent parenting my very challenging teen, he keeps testing the boundaries, and I be resilliant in enforcing them, so sorry mate but the mobile phone has gone for 24 hours.

7 Days to go