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Monday, July 11, 2005

Clowncil Meetings

I attended the Hume City Council meeting tonight, I think it's the first one for the year I have been to, as I would much rather swallow razor blades than have to listen to certain people on that Council who's name may be Jack produce vast amounts of verbal diarrhea.

JAKAS brought up a notice of motion asking that the council demand that the Minister for Local Government expedite the investigation into the matter that Don Nardella brought up in Parliament a little while back. The motion was amended by another Councillor to also ask the Minister to refer the matter to the Privacy Commission. JAKAS and his mate, didn't take too kindly to this, the debate lasted an overtly long time, with JAKAS blaming the other Councillors for making this political. The ironic bit about this is that the next Notice of Motion he put forward was a blatant cheap shot at the Bracks Government, but that wasn't political.

This motion had to do with the electrification of the Craigiburn railway line, he was condemning the Govt for various things, but when challenged came out with the statement,
"I don't actually care about the people of Craigiburn or Roxburgh Park, I represent Sunbury"
When it was put to him that when his mates were in Government, Hume got nothing, he yells out
"I've got no mates!"
I wonder when he will ever realise that he is a Hume Councillor.