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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another day another bloody virus

I think I have what Supermercado has, the symptoms sound the same. The Dr tells me today, that if I had tonsils I would have tonsilitis, but I don't have tonsils anymore, so intead I just have a bad infection in the spot where my tonsils would have been. Basically this means that I feel like (one of those swear words).

Was told to rest and drink fluids, yeah sure, resting is easy, not! So in between essential duties that had to be performed, I managed to sequin a one glove for the Dragon costume, the other one can wait.

Oh and tonight was the AGM for the Sunbury Festival, I was invited to attend as I assisted them earlier this year with some design work, and low and behold, guess who is now on the committee? Thankfully the meeting only lasted 30 minutes and I could retreat home to the warmth. So if you have any ideas on how the festival can be improved please let me know.