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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Can I have the number please!

Laying in bed this morning in my flu stupor, I couldn't believe this comment made on AM by Mick Keelty

"The people who are in that predicament, they have an avenue to come forward to the police. There is an AFP officer permanently based in Bali, as there are in many other Asian countries and other countries around the world. Or indeed people who are here in Australia under threat then they need to come forward to the police."

Sorry sir, but I have been to Bali 18 or 19 times and have never known that the AFP have an officer there, nor would I know how to contact them.

Interesting opinion piece by Laurie Oakes here.



PS: Duncan Kerr a former minister was asked a question about the AFP saying that their investigations into the Baggage Handlers came up with nothing, in his views this could be considered as subjudice. The transcript is available here.

If Keelty were to make the comments he made in regards to a case in Australia, it wouldn't ever be allowed.