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Friday, January 28, 2005

Touchy Touchy!

Seems a certain local councillor isn't too impressed by my opinion of his right wing views, it appears that he has gone running to the local press to get a bit of publicity. I was interviewed today about why I made comments on my blog about is it Steve or Jack possibly showing interest in the PYL. Now I understand that he wouldn't qualify as a youth, but his views about asylum seekers and their detention and treatment therafter fit with the views of the PYL.

The journo was also interested in Mallrats perspective of is it Steve or Jack, may make an interesting read in the locals next week.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, is it Steve or Jack, once called me and blasted me for daring to be part of a council who approved building a Library in Broadmeadows, I can remember the call as if it were yesterday, casually driving down the Calder Freeway on the way to work one morning and the call comes thru, those days he called himself Steve he then proceeded to blow tripe out of me for providing the citizens of Broadmeadows and surrounding areas with a new library. No amount of reasoning would quell his anger, in the end, I just gave up reasoning with this extremely irrational person.

I hope the tennis finishes early tonight!