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Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrived back fromt the beach on Saturday, was a good break, the holiday house now looks like a house with all of the walls up and a lot of the ceiling done as well. If anyone ever wants assistance in installing 5.5 metre lengths of plaster on a ceiling just call on me to help.

Saturday night saw Eddie Everywhere creaming himself being showed on 3 networks at the same time for the Tsunami Concert, personally I was disappointed with the coverage, too much of Eddie and not enough concert, however over 20 million was raised, which is a good thing.

Today saw the Tsumami Cricket game, which Mr nearly 13 was lucky enough to attend, I have got quite a few updates during the day from him, so far he has autographs from Peter Brock, Dave Hughes, Peter Hellier, and at the last call was waiting to get Jason "luv the mullet" Gillespie's autograph. Over 14 million raised which is another good thing.

One bad thing is that Howard will use this as his glorified finale, Mr Lefty sums it up here

On another sad note the death of Campbell McComas was a shock to hear of this morning. Campbell was a great friend to one of my previous colleagues, I emailed Tim today to express my condolences and he replied with a quote made by his wife that "A whole lot of sunshine has left us". Too true.

Back at work now, why couldn't I have won the 20 million in Tattslotto last week, well maybe I have, as I haven't checked my ticket.