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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The horror continues.

The toll is now up to 29000, the nightmare just continues. Was looking at a couple of sites today and came across the Phuket Hospital Website, unfortunately it seems to be busted at the moment, but it lists the details of those injured by nation, it really makes it all seem so horrific. Having been to Phuket, albeit for my own honeymoon 14 years ago, I can imagine just how terrified those people would have been with all the crashing water around them.

Tim Blair has actually provided a reasonble synopsis of the events of the last few days. He has obviously found it challenging to not bring politics into it as Darp points out.

Boing Boing have a few amazing links to people at the coalface. The Blogeshphere is really evolving take a look at The TusnamiHelpBlog. I found this site courtesy of Andrew Bartlett Blog. Even though I am not all that fond of the Democrats (thanks Meg for the GST) I really like Andrew Bartlett and what he stands for.

I asked my kids to give me this weeks pocket money to donate, and they did so without hesitation, I couldn't decide which organisation to donate my money to, so I ended up dividing it between Red Cross and World Vision.

AFL looks like it may have been struck with the disappearance of Melbourne player Troy Broadbridge. The poor guy was on his honeymoon when tragedy struck, it makes you realise that if a strong AFL player can be taken victim by the tsunami what chance did children and others have.

Well the packing is done, the kids are feral with excitement, early night then off to Seaspray for 10 days of reading, and relaxing.

Take Care All!