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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Cat gets Mouse

A bit of history, when Miss nearly 9 was born, my house was infestated with mice, they were coming from a new housing estate not far from here. One of the things I was asvised to do was buy a cat, so I did. The cat (Bosey) was bought from the Cat Protection Society over at Greensborough and we haven't seen a mice since we got her.

Fast forward 8.5 years, and tonight, Bosey brings a friggin mice to the back door, I do what you are supposed to do and praise the cat cause the mice is now a plaything to her and not in my house, Miss nearly 9 goes beserk cause the cat is killing a mouse.

I then re-inacted what life was like when we had mice in the house, this involve me trying to breastfeed a nearly nine year old while holding a cricket bat to try and kill the mice. This didn't placate her though. Christ you just can't win sometimes!