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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas Decor in Sunbury!

Historicaly the Kiwanis Club of Sunbury provided the Xmas Decor in Sunbury. A few years back they fell on hard times and couldn't do it. They approached council and as I was the was the ward Councillor at the time I couldn't come up with the funds immedately but indicated that it would be considered in future budgets.

This year we have Xmas decorations on wire, and the Banana's are taking full credit for it. Maybe I am too logical for my own good, I favored a bus stop at the hospital (used year round) and lighting at the Sunbury Jnr Footy Ground (used for 6 months of the year) as opposed to Xmas Decor that is used for 6 weeks. OOOOOps I did the wrong thing again, it appears.