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Monday, December 13, 2004

13 Year Old Boys....

Apparently they quite commonly acquire Osgood Schlatters Disease. Mr nearly 13 year old is quite devastated that the new bike he is apparently getting from his father will not be able to be used for a month or more.

I haven't been quite in the mood to blog lately, life is having its ups and downs lately, plus anything reasonably newsworthy seems to get blogged about faster than I can get to it.

Miss 8, goes into hospital on Thursday for some pretty major dental work, I wonder if they will give me a discount if the wobbly tooth falls out before Thursday, every bit of discount off the so far $900 bill will be a godsend. Oh yeah, I went to Medicare to see if the hospital visit would push me over the Safety Net, only to be told that in hospital charges (anesthetists) are not included as part of the safety net. Thanks Johnny NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent a wet but lovely afternoon at Joanne Duncans place up in Bullengarook yesterday for a supporters Xmas Lunch, Jo is our Local MP and the most down to earth and nicest person you could meet.

Oh I must get around to writing my Xmas Cards as well....