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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday, oh how I love the sun

Today was spent firstly at the Sydney Swans Family Day at Albert Park, a reasonably pleasant day, not as much fun as the kids thought it would be.

Then we headed off to Williamstown Pier to grab some mussels from Seabounty, do yourself a favor and if you are ever near Willie, go and grab some fresh Mussels, they are to die for. Even Miss 8.5 year old ate them.

Came home and refined the Xmas Lights, and did some weeding, twas soooo much fun. Watched the last half hour of the One Day Cricket, which later on ended up being a nailbiter due to some dickhead getting Kaspervich (or spelling similar to that) to bowl.

In another installment of the Labor Leadership Woes, Bobby McMullan is weighing in on it now. Hey, I'm over it now, just bring on Xmas.