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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sometime Elections really Suck!

I spent most of yesterday at the VLGA offices working in the Tally Room, this meant getting the results of the Council Elections in Victoria at most times ahead of the VEC and the press. Most of the results didn't really mean too much to me, but the most shocking result of all was Rae Perry's defeat in Darebin. Rae has been a tireless worker for social justice and has devoted much of her time to working toward making Baccau and Alieu in East Timor (Timor Leste) better places to live.

Rae was recently voted in as president of the Australian Local Government Association, sadly a post she will now have to vacate due to her defeat.

Another bad result was the defeat of Judith Voce in Boroondara, probably the worst part about it was, it seems that she was beaten by a RWDB. Judith was a true independant councillor, I always had the impression that she was conservative but she was beaten by a Lib. BLAAAHHH!

I can so relate to both Judith's and Rae's demise, being a Mayor going into an election is what I now consider bad karma. Been there done that!

The rest of the weekend kinda sucked big time, apart from the fact that we are the first house in the street to have our Xmas lights up and running.

Oh, and I must say congrats to Chris Pappas out in Melton who got re-elected, not too sure how the numbers are stacking up over there but hopefully he will finally have his time as a Mayor.