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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Melbournes Traffic woes!

Jeremy has pretty much summed up some of the issues involved with Bracks trying to get more of us to use Public Transport, this is fine for some, but the State Government still need to realise that some bottlenecks need an injection of funds.

The Tullamarine/Calder interchange is a disaster both morning and afternoon, and has been getting significantly worse since Citylink was opened. Quite frankly in the afternoon Citylink is just a quicker way to get to a traffic jam, it is still unforgivable that the Kennett government allowed Transurban to construct Citylink without providing the sufficent infrastructure works at the interchange, it is now up to the taxpayer to do it, and I have this argument with Peter Batchelor, amazingly a few years ago.

I would love to have to option of using Public Transport but the locality of the University v's Spencer St stations locality doesn't make it a time friendly option.

While they are at it they may like to take a look at the Green Gully section of the Calder freeway as well as the two feeder roads onto the Calder at Taylors Lakes.