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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Plagerism at it's best

I have been trawling the Blogs and this is the best post I reckon from AusCulture

Last But Not Least…

Someone called MPL left the following comment on Back Pages. Something I hadn’t really considered, and I must admit it did make me smile a bit.
Well, its depressing, but take heart friends & comrades.

Latham has won, in a way. It has to be said - he’s the most effective opp. leader in recent Ausrtalian history.

Here we have a Howard govt. boosting childcare payments, maternity benefit, family beneft, throwing (admittedly mistargeted) money hand over fist into medicare (which they hate HAHA! WHITLAM WON THAT ONE FOR ALL TIME YOU RIGHTWING SHITHEADS - admittedly you’re screwing it up, but no, you cant abolish it. You have to pretend to like it. So sit on that, culture warrior).

Sure, Howard’s version of all these things is rubbish, mistargeted and hollow - but the truth is, Latham is setting the agenda. Howard has been following behind for 10 months.

Another thing: 2007 is ours. 3 Years of LNP with Senate backing will be enough for anyone.