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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Exhaustion Plus!

Well we survived the Royal South Street Calastenthics Competitions today, only just mind you. Next year I will forget about socalising with the other "mums" and consuming copious amounts of wine the night before.

The girls came 3rd overall today and won the Song with Action item with a superb rendition of Madeline.

Got home to find out my dad's roof had been damaged during the high winds that lashed Melbourne last night, so a quick trip down to Glenroy to checkout the damage and do a quick repair was done.

I am nearly over the election, I actually turned 774 ABC Radio off this afternoon as I just couldn't bear listening to JWH again.

I will be scruitineering for Jenny Beales up at Bolinda on Saturday night and now that we have found out that Jarrod has a bye for cricket it means that I can devote a lot more time on election day to electioneering.