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Friday, October 08, 2004

Depressed and Praying

I know I shouldn't get so worked up about politics but the thought of Howard and his mob being returned to government tomorrow is making me sick on the stomach.

Every major paper in the country have advocated for Howard, I can only hope that the Australian people see through all the crap that the Liberals have put out and do the right thing by the country and vote for a Latham Government.

I'll be up in McEwen tomorrow doing my best in one of the tightest marginal seats trying to get rid of Freaky Fran.

I'll leave you with this prayer (yes, I am praying) courtesy of Guido

I pray for a government that will allow the spirit of understanding and
generousness that Australians undoubtedly have to be nurtured and flourish.

I pray for a government that will continue in its process of
reonciliation with its indigenous population and heal this rift that
has continued for the last 200 years.

I pray that when people talk about 'family first' they include families
of different creeds and beliefs, from different places on earth, from
disadvantages backgrounds, not only of their own.

I pray for a government that protects the unique environment of this
place and its spiritual energy.

I pray for a government that help us to see the best parts of ourselves,
that spurs us to look beyond our backyards and in so doing fulfill the
potential for Australia to become the great nation that it can become.