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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Tonights Idol comments

Marty - Power of Love - Huey Lewis - Very very ordinary performance, but the judges liked it.

Chanel - Stop - I think she could have chosen a better song, pretty good perfomance, and she looked very cheap, then again the 80's were like that. I agree with Dicko that her voice is not sounding too good at the moment, but she is one of my faves.

Casey - The Flame - Cheap Trick - I liked her performance, a lot better than last week, great rendition, great voice for a 16 year old.

Courtney - Oh Sheri - Steve Perry - strong performance, brought back memories, the song really suited him. Mark didn't like it, Dicko did, I think I am a bit ambivient about it.

Hayley - I feel the Earth move - Carole King - It was OK, not a big fan of Hayleys, could have been stronger.

Anthony - I want to know what love is - Forigner - Very good performance, fantastic voice, a bit drowned out by the backing vocals.

My opinion is that Marty will go