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Friday, October 01, 2004

Back to footy for a Minute!

As a long time Sydney Swans supporter my sprits have been elevated with the release of the Official 2005 Fixture we have 6 game in Melbourne, this year we only had 4 games in Melbourne and 1 in Geelong, so this is a considerable improvement, thanks should definatley go to Tony Morwood from the Swans Melbourne office.

In other late breaking news, the oven and kettle have decided to die on the same day, money money money. GRRRRRRRR

Hop over to Daily Daves site and enter the Freaky Fran Full Forward Competition, the question being "If Fran Bailey were an AFL full forward, which one do you think she'd be?" I have a few ideas but won't be sharing them cause I want to win a CD.

This entire weekend will be devoted to Calastenthics, comps on both Saturday and Sunday to attend.

Can't wait until tonights Lateline lets hope that it out does last nights edition