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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Spare me Hyacinth

Well looks like Dear John, needs to look to his wife for endorsement now Hyacinth has come out with Why he's my honest John!, give me a break. It is now blatently obvious that she doesn't get around the net too much, cause I haven't found a website that is of the same view as hers.

Yesterday saw Port Adelaide wrestle the Premiership Cup from Brisbane, it was a good game for 3 quarters the last quater was a bit ho hum. Byron Pickett got the Norm Smith, which surprised me as I was sure that either Wanganeen or Burgoyne should have got it. Anyway a few too many beers were had and the head was a tad sore this morning. BTW, remind me to never try to teach people how to use Macs things when I am half tanked.