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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Mad Monk meets Cardinal Pell

I can't wait too see the transcript from tonights Lateline, Tony "The
Mad Monk" Abbott apparenly met with Pell, then forgot about it, it was a great bit of journalism by Tony Jones.

Here is the transcript

TONY JONES: Tony Abbott on another matter, have you met Archbishop Pell during the election campaign?

TONY ABBOTT: Not that I can recall.

TONY JONES: Not that you can recall, because we believe that you've had at least one meeting with him quite recently?

You don't recall that?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, when?


TONY JONES: At the presbytery in Sydney.

TONY ABBOTT: Ah, actually now that you do mention it, I did met with Cardinal Pell.

So what?

Why shouldn't I meet with Cardinal Pell?

TONY JONES: Why couldn't you recall meeting him, I think, 10 days ago?

TONY ABBOTT: Look, whenever it was, so what?

Why shouldn't I meet Cardinal Pell.