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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More on Family First

You know they are loopy when Piers Akerman comes out in support of them.

And a transcript from Johns Laws radio in Sydney also shows Family First in their true colors.

During a stern ten minute interview, Laws quizzed Mason closely about the party's connections to the religious right - and got a series of evasive and downright dodgy answers.

And the Golden Tonsils' verdict? "Her answers were not only evasive - but deceptive," he declared.

Why, Laws asked, was Family First not preferencing Liberal candidiates Arch Bevis and Ingrid Tall - while at the same time preferencing hypocrite Liberal love rat Ross Cameron?

"You won't swap preferences with that lesbian Ingrid Tall - but you will swap preferences with Ross Cameron," asked Laws. "What's going on there?"

And who were the Family First candidiates, he wanted to know?

"You can't tell me whether there are Protestant evangelists, that there are pastors amongst your ranks, or that there is anybody from Hornsby church?"

"In your 23 page statement of values there's not a single word about religion," said Laws. "Why not?"

"And why can't you tell me whether any of your candidates are associated with Protestent evangelicals?"

Mason: "Hmmm. It sounds extraordinary, I know...but I don't know all our candidiates..."

Laws: "But you're the federal leader of the party!"

Laws concluded: "People are saying this is the strongest push by the Religious Right to get into politics in this country. The Religious Right has every right to get into politics - but not by deception."

He concluded with an ominous warning: "I'm not satisfied with Andrea Mason's answers, and I'll be hoping to speak to her again before the election to get some better ones."

Amen to that.