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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Are they core or non core promises Peter?

I nearly choked on my wheaties this morning reading The Age

Treasurer Peter Costello has cast doubt on Treasury projections of four years of good growth ahead, warning that Australia faces big risks and its growth could slow.

In a stunning shift four days after an election won on economic issues, Mr Costello said Treasury's forecasts were "optimistic", and if high oil prices were sustained for a year or more, they would slash growth in Australia and the world.

He defended the campaign pledges, which spent $14 billion from the budget surpluses estimated by Treasury before the election, saying the public expected new spending policies in an election campaign.

On another note, The Chaser Decides was the funniest TV I have seen for the week, if you didn't see it, beg or borrow a copy, sorry I didn't tape it.