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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Today I went to Good Friday on the Green, it is a joint initiave by all the churches in Sunbury to celebrate Good Friday. To me it felt slightly like being at a Hillsong Church, but everyone seemed to have a good time and felt good afterwards. They did a re-inactment of the Jesus being put on the cross which was a bit gory and my stomach turned a few times, bit it's what the congretation believed happened and I am not one to challenge people beliefs.

Gave my donation to the Good Friday Appeal, the RCH in Melbourne does amazing work and there is a little girl from Sunbury Patty Carlyon who is fighting for her life at the moment take a look at this and tell me you are not moved. I moved an item at council the other night to donate $500 to her family, it's the least our community can do.

Meanwhile AnonLefty seems to be a bit lonely.