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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Difference!

Labor Promises for Sunbury

$15 million for a Day Hospital in Sunbury
$25 million to upgrade Vineyard Rd and put traffic lights at Mitchells Lane/Horne St intersection.
$1 million upgraded Police Station

Liberal Promises for Sunbury

No mention of a hospital
No mention of upgrading Vineyard Rd/Mitchells Lane
A selective High School which would mean one of the current Secondary Colleges would become unviable and most probably close (given their track record with school closures).
Sunbury out of Hume poll. Don't they realise that the LG Act doesn't allow for a poll of one suburb within a Municipality, and by advocating Sunbury out of Hume they want people to pay an extra 60% in rates. Ironically it was the Liberals that put Sunbury in Hume.