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Friday, November 10, 2006

Road Carnage

Last night I attended a Macedon Electorate Candidates Forum, 6 of the Candidates were there and each gave a short speech then questions followed. Some of the more interesting ones were a question to the Liberal Candidate about the 10% tolerance on speed cameras, this question was asked by a gentleman whose father had been killed on the Calder Highway, he asked if the candidate supported the speed limit with the 10% tolerance being 121 kph. The liberal candidates answer was astounding, she said that all cars have cruise control and that most people shouldn't be worried. Now, cmon, pulleeesse. Yeah my current car has cruise control but the car I traded in a few months ago didn't and most of my friends cars don't have cruise control, plus courtesy of Supamum

CC has never been advocated as something to eliminate road accidents, some goes for speed alarms. Monash studies have shown that some 8% of single vehicle accidents are because of the complacency of CC, no need to concentrate on foot to the pedal= less concentration on surroundings in general, lessened alertness, etc. Multi vehicle accidents can be attributed to somewhere between 10%-12% of CC activated.

Another candidate was asked if he realised that all of his election signs were misspelt, Independant when it should read Independent his reply was that it was due to Murphys Law, then blamed the printer. At least Murphy could spell.