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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bananas et al

I love Banana's but haven't actually eaten one for over 5 months now. they are just too expensive to buy, thankfully they look like dropping in price soon. I have found it's cheaper to go to a juice bar and buy a banana concoction than to buy one banana.

On another note, I am just so proud of my mummy, she got a package today saying that she had been awarded Letter of the Week for the Sunbury Leader Newpaper, she was awarded with a very fashionable shopping bag, which she will cherish forever.

My new toy arrived tonight, our first ever brand new computer. We have always coped with old recycled machines from my previous workplace (god that feels good to say), now we have a brand new puta with a 19" LCD screen, thanks to Centrecom for a great deal.

Update; I know why I hate to get new toys, I can't get it to connect to our network after 2 hours.