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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Yep I have been slack in not updating the blog, I beg forgivness, but life has been a bit hectic in more ways than one the last few weeks.

I think I may employ the services of a ghost writer as I really do want to keep blogging but time just doesn't permit it. So for the moment I will just plagerise Supamum. I don't think she will mind.

For Christmas this year I don't want much for myself, actually I want for nothing but health and happiness for my family, but a nice neck massage would be nice.

But could I please ask that all the people of the world remember that without diversity we learn little, without understanding we lack acceptance and without love of our fellow man, we are bitter...So can you sprinkle some understanding and spray some some love about in your nocturnal travels?

Could you help the so called leaders of this world understand that what they think is right is not always right and they are only human...No one can be expected to be infallible ( except God/Allah/ Yaweh and maybe the mortal leaders of all faiths) So some humility for them would be nice too.

Could we please, perhaps, have no disasters...Natural or manmade for 2006, just so the world can get itself sorted out a bit more. It has been proven we are pretty inept sometimes but mostly we are a generous , caring, compassionate society...Despite some leaders lack of response to some things.

Can I please ask that people realise that the world is a melting pot of differing opinions and that to enforce your beliefs or opinions on others does not make it the right one. Respect of others beliefs and understanding of cultural, religious, and other differences would go a long way to solving our troubles, I think.

Can you please make sure all the children of the world get something tomorrow night? Even if it is something little like a special shell upon a beach or some extra food, toys and such mean little when you have nothing.

For my family , could my children enjoy good health and happiness, I wish only happiness and health and the occasional sleep in.

For my friends, close and afar, I wish them all the joys of Christmas in the true spirit in which it is meant to be , that they enjoy family, friends, and fine health along with the occasional overeating/overdrinking of what ever they chose to indulge in.

A lot to ask for I know, Santa, and you are busy but without your help with some of the above, I fear for the joy of Christmas future
Merry Christmas
Guruann ( u know who I am)
PS Biscuits and milk under the tree, carrots and reindeer food on the lawn as usual