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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Standing in the hot sun for too long does strange things to people!

JAKAS is getting more erratic on Sunbury Online. I no longer bother to participate, as firstly I have little time on my hands these days and of the 12 people that read it a lot of them know me and know the true story, however it provides an amusing diversion from letterboxing.

His allegations, are: that I have used MP's offices to print my election material, WRONG! Not that I really have to justify it to anyone but my first drop was done at Diverse Printing in Sunbury, my second was done on my own laser printer and my third was done at Diverse Printing as well, I would recommend Tracy and her team to anyone, they are great.

He has finally worked out that mothers name is Frances Joyce Wallace, not hard to do when you have access to an electoral roll, but is it appropriate usage. Guess what she has been in Sydney for the past month and has little internet access, just enough to email me with updates on family matters, he is accusing her of being Joyce W, which she ain't sorry folks another conspiracy theory out the window. I don't know how many Joyce W's there are in Sunbury, a few I suppose, maybe he should look up the Electoral Roll.

Next one is that I used distributors in Tullamarine to do my letterbox drops, GUILTY. Why? Because the local distributors have been known to get my mailouts to my opposition prior to it getting out to the public. I called them a about 6 weeks ago to get a quote, they didn't return my call. So I went to Florida, once again a great company just based on the border of Hume.

One posting I find particulary alarming is his admission of trying to set up certain people

Is it true that she was the only one to get one before Wednesday evening. OOPS Jenny T got one but she knew it was a set up, and she didnt reply.?

The last word should go to the Sunbury Residents Association, LEARN TO SPELL! And did they get authorisation from the Mayor to use his speech in their leaflet, maybe they did and maybe they didn't.

Spent 2 hours at the Post Office today handing out leaflets, printed on my laser printer, and got a good reception. Letterboxed Jacksons Hill this afternoon, it was hot but it all got done.

Tomorrow, 6 hours of Calistentics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!