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Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's Exam time kiddies

Yep, exams at Melbourne Uni kick off this week, but that isn't stopping the Melbourne Uni Liberal Students from going off the rails in blogisphere.

Where do we start, probably with Alex who decided to have a little fun with the editor of Farrago a Ms Miranda Airey Branson who seems to now become quite famous on Google. Now Ms Branson didn't take too kindly to Alex's jibes and decided to hit back. On her now deleted blog she made numerous stupid statements such as "Andrew Bolt is a darling". Now that shows a troubled person.

Forgive me if I get the order of things wrong from now on, but the proverbial hit the fan with Ms Fits giving her a spray, then you can read Rob's take on the whole matter. Then Darp get in on the act, by now the poor (NOT!) MAB must be feeling like she wished she had never heard of handing out bogus How to Votes on Election Day.

So who is next, my mind is whirling on how many bloggers have taken up the war against MAB, so I think I will just list the ones I have found so far, if I am missing any please let me know.

Jess at Ausculture

Melbourne Lefty - soon to be joined by Melbourne Righty I hear
Virulent Memmes
Balmain Boys .....
Piss 'n' Vinegar
Hecho En Mexico

I think I will leave it there, you will get the general idea.

And in my search of google tonight, I came up with this classic, by Alex Lew MAB's boyfriend, Michael Danby's Email Blog I bet it will be taken down soon, so I just think I will save the code.

Well with all the elections finished I suppose it provides a bit of entertainment for nights like these when it's just too wet to venture out.