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Saturday, March 06, 2004

OMG 20 sleeps to go till I get to paradise. I am just sooooo excited.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we went to watch the Swans play a practice game against Nth Melbourne, it was pretty uneventful as we lost, but as they say it was only a practice game. For a bit of a laugh, visit RWO and see a few comments about the game.

Today was an expensive day, I wandered down to Watergardens to pick out a birthday present for myself, Mum bought me a lovely pair of earings, which I will receive on my birthday next Saturday. We then headed off the Footscray to Plaza Duty Free to take a look around, I had previously been there a few years back and they were very cheap. Well this time around they hardly had any stock, very dissappointing. However managed to pick up some sunscreen and Bushmans Insect repellant at reduced prices at Chemistop.

We then on our way home, went past Harvey Norman at Highpoint, I thought I would just pop in and price some Video Cameras, well thanks to a very good salesman, I ended up purchasing a Panasonic Digital Video Camera, got the camera, bag, spare battery, and 5 tapes for $890, I will get the GST back on leaving the country so real cost about $800.00. Twas a bit more than I was intending to spend, but I figure in the long run its better to go digital.

I also went through my trusty bag of stuff I always take to Bali, but rarely use at home, dug out 8 sarongs, which I use instead of a beach towel, they were a tad musty so in the wshing machine they went. So all in all I reckon that I am just about ready to hop on that plane, all of the passports have arrived. We just need to wait 20 more sleeps.

Knocked into my good friends Jodi and Brendan (BOC) at Coles today. BOC is really looking forward to the federal election which could be as early as July. Bring it on Johnny.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, I also signed up for Foxtel Digital today as well.