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Monday, April 24, 2006

When you thought that things were rosy!

I have had the best part of 2 weeks off work, I was feeling great. My baby turned 10 last week and my eldest has been chosen to train with the Footy Interleague team. Then Saturday happened.

I was supposed to take Riley and 3 friends to Luna Park for her birthday, but the weather wasn't looking the best so we headed over to Eltham to do some Rollerskating. As a previous Ice Hocky player, I decided to don the Rollerblades and had a great time skating that afternoon. Riley wasn't feeling too well, but kept on going until we got home, when she fell very ill and coultn' breathe bery well. I took her straight down to Sunshine Hospital where it took 12 hours to stabilised her and she was finally admitted. The staff and assistance given was phenominal and I can't thank them enough, she was discharged today and is feeling well again.

However on the way to the hosptial on Saturday night, I got a phone call that I reallly wish I hadn't have got. Kurt Bruhn who is the Directory of City Sustainability at Hume City Council died suddenly on Saturday morning, I was the first councillor to be contacted, maybe because Kurt and I connected well, I don't really know why, but I just wish that I hadn't been told the news. Kurt and I always had dinner together on a Monday night before a Council Meeting, and went over the previous weekends activities that we did with our kids. I am still in shock 48 hours after being told and today spoke to a councillor that the Council have employed to get everyone involved through the shock.

I have to chair this Wednesdays Council meeting as the Mayor is in Galipoli for ANZAC Day, it will probably be the most trying meeting I have ever had to chair and even with the guidance I have recieved it will still be a tough one.

Paula, Siggy and Konrad, please accept my sincere condolences. I and all of the Councillors of Hume City Council are sharing your pain and suffering.