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Friday, May 11, 2007

The week at was!

I could post about a certain ex councillor trying to take credit for State Government announcements, but I won't as I know that it was me and Jo that placed the hard word on the Roads Minister to get the works budgeted for.

What I will talk about is the blast from the past I had tonight. Last week I decided to do some google searches on some friends from school days. I did a google search for "The Affections" as they were a band that I was close to in my school days. I then googled Wayne Hammonds who was my closest friend when I was in years 6-9. I emailed the only Wayne Hammonds I could find and got a phone call tonight saying, "Do you remember this voice", me being totally stupid, said no, but it was Wayne and after 25 years we have reconnected again.

This a very brief insight as to what has happened tonight, but talking to someone that you haven't talked to for 25 years is eerie and I am sure we will keep in touch as he sounds the same as he did 25 years ago.