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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter and School Holidays

Where do I start, should it be last nights Ambulance experience with Miss R who thought she was having an asthma attack but it turned out to be hyperventillation, wow that is a long word. Anyway as usual, the paramedics were fantastic, turning up within 10 minutes and trying not to take her to hospital, but Miss R was scared and it needed a trip to Sunshine to calm her and we returned by 1am.

Mr J, turned 15 a few weeks ago and seems to be slightly calmer, he has played 2 trial cames for the Cannons, the first game he proved he could be a gun fullforward, scoring 4 goals, the 2nd game he was challenged in playing in a position that he has never played in, at least he is part of the squad, and it is only players that are part of the squad that will progress.

We saw the Swans win and we saw Red Hot Chili Peppers loose big time, the concert may have been good if you could see it. One more day of the holidays left then back to school on Monday.