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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What a week or so!

Happy Birthday Mr J, you are now 15 and proving quite a challenge, just remember all we want for you is happiness and success, which doesn't mean being an academic, but not throwing your life away.

Much tragedy in Sunbury over the last week, one resident was killed in the Burnley Tunnel incident and a 2 year old girl was killed tragically in a driveway accident.

edit note: there was another death last night in Sunbury, at the corner of Lancefield Rd, I drove on this road last night and was surprised at how many people overtook me in the wet weather, PEOPLE PLEASE SLOW DOWN.

Today there was a tragic Ferry incident in Sydney. 4 people are dead and Liz Cain has suffered an amputation of part of her leg. Whilst growing up in Sydney, Liz and her brother were Ice Skating Kings, and whilst I didn't personally know them, I did occupy the same change rooms as they did and feel pretty sad tonight. To know that they carried out their skating careers whilst I gave up is dredging up memories that I don't need to dredge up. I was never as good as them and I followed a different tangent, going more for speed and hockey, but I so loved ice skating and would love to do it again,