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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Have you watched Kenny, I had the opportunity to watch it this week, and while I am not sure about the lead actor winning the Best Actor Award at the recent AFI awards, I must admit to really laughing at one scene. Previously to me watching Kenny, my good friend S said to me, there is one scene in the movie that you will really crack up at, she didn't tell me the scene but when I saw it, I knew it was the scene and she later confirmed it.

In the words of Kenny, and I'll paraphrase, why bother with a divorce. Just buy a house then find someone you hate and marry them. Problem solved!

Anyway it's an OK movie, light entertainment.

Oh it's nearly Christmas, I haven't got the lights up, too little time and lack of motivation due to the vandalism of last year. However there are some fantastic displays up around Sunbury.

Mr J continued on his criketing success yesterday and bowled with the figures of 2 for 32 off 11 overs.