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Friday, June 09, 2006

My infatuation with Tim Brunero continues

Last year I really hoped that Tim would win Big Brother, he is a lefty and proudly so, but the maturity and insightfulness he showed on the show was uplifting from the usual boring housemate clones.

This year I haven't had too much time to get involved with BBO6, except to say that even thought he is a member of The Nats, I think I would like to see David win.

This aside, I have fallen victim to Tim Brunero again and finally learnt how to download Podcasts into ITunes. Tim does some great interviews with the evicted housemates, much better than Gretal's interviews.

Plus I have found this site on the Chaser site, it's very funny, Tim calls it Big Blogger and it's very entertaining and given my thoughts on Hillsong, we are once again on the same wavelength.

So I digress, this weekend is full of FOOTBALL, I have just spent 3 freezing hours cooking a BBQ up at our local junior footy, Mr J will be playing for the Riddell District League on Saturday and Monday, take a look at the playing list it's the only time you will see 2 arch rivals on the same team.

A break on Sunday night going to see The Enz with Sean on Sunday night, I can't wait, given the review of last nights show in Brisbane it should be great.