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Thursday, June 01, 2006

This week

This is a month with a 5th Monday so I had Monday night off, got to watch my 3 favorite shows live ( Desperate Housewifes, Commander in Chief, and Boston Legal}.

Tuesday and Wedsnesday pretty quiet, phone calls and emails to answer and the repite appreciated so that I could answer the phone calls and email. Went ans watched Mr J's rep footy side beat the Western Football league. Mr J is still injured with a sore hammy,but looks like coming back into footy on Sunday.

Tonight, VLGA delegates meeting, interesing diaologue about current planning situation, hopefully the outcomes will be noted by the State Government.

Tomorrow night, is the UN Enviornment Day Awards, Hume is up for 2 awards so fingers crossed.

Big issues with Mr J's school and his ADD, it's a fight I am ready to take on and it will employ more of my time, but hey he is my kid and I will fight tooth and nail for him. What I can't understand is that at school this child is according to them ready to expel, impossible to relate to, yada yada. However at home he doesn't show those tendancies, he is a bugger as most 14 year olds are, but he doesn't vandalise, destroy, hurt people or property. His is what we described when I was at school as a class clown. I am not saying that this is right, but for gods sake please pick your fights. It's becoming tiring, but at the end of the day, he is my flesh and blood and I love him more than anything, so I will fight till the end.

This blog is becoming boring as I just don't have the time to update is as I would like to. So just take it as it comes.

I got tickets today to the Boxing Day match for the Ashes, I have RSI from pressing F5 on the ticketmaster site. But we will be a part of history.