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Friday, January 27, 2006

Sometimes life sucks

Australia Day 2006 will not go down in my memory as a very happy one. So far I have found out that 2 people I know died on this day. The first one was the husband of a great woman I know, she as a tower of strength whilst I was on Hume City Council from 2000 to 2003. Her hubby T was diagnosed with cancer in about 1999 and battled until yesterday until it finally caught up with him.

The second is a former work colleague, M was such great fun, a mad irish woman, who survived the Ash Wednesday fires, who I spent many an hour playing 500 with. I got a call out of the blue tonight and as told of her passing and am feeling a bit shellshocked at the moment.

I am in a quandry at the moment, both funerals are on Tuesday, one at 10am at Fawkner and 11am at Altona. Can I get to them both, I would really like to, maybe 45mins at the first and arrive at the 2nd 15 mins late, and to top it off it's the first day at school for the kids. Sometime life sucks!!!!!

And if I were still married, it would be 16 years today. LOL