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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I had a good cry tonight

I finally got to watch "In America", I bought the DVD in Bali earlier this year and have meant to watch it during the year but only just got around to it. At the end of the movie I was bawling, Mr 12.5 year old just turned to me and said "your pathetic", I told him to watch the movie again when he is a parent and see how he reacts. I don't feel that bad about the cry after reading these reviews.

Cricket today, Mr 12.5 year old scored 17 runs, and got out once. Then he helped out the Under 16's team and scored a bruised thumb from fielding at cover and had to have a Dr pierce his thumbnail to drain the blood from it.

Ugggghhhh daylight savings tomorrow, I loose a valuable hour, but will get it back in March. Oh no I won't as we will be OS. Arrrhhh well thems the breaks!