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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Well, not too much to say about last nights game except that we lost. In hindsight, I think we were living in Fantasy Land to think that we could have gone all the way this year, maybe next year.

Apart from the loss, it was a fun night, we are an ecclectic lot that sit in the Sydney Swans CheerSquad, but the one thing we do well is have fun.

My good mate Greg and his georgeous boy Daniel, came down for the night, and we all stayed the night at the Medina Apartments in the City. The boys found a mobile phone on the way back to the hotel, and after some searching we were able to find the rightful owner and Nicky got her phone back.

Today, it was a nice buffet breakkie at the Medina then drop Greg and Daniel off at the Airport then home to get Miss Riley ready for the Calastenthics Victoria Championships. Roselind Team One, scored consistently throughout the day, and coming into the last item, our Club was trailling by 4 points. The girls came out and gave a fantastic performance and ended up getting 2nd place in that item, which propelled them in to first place for the Championships. It was very exciting and worth the effort of costumes etc.

Tomorrow is the Sabbath, A day of rest.