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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Today was spent watching "Grass Roots" Footy, firstly Jarrod's under 12 Sunbury Lions team played Gisborne, the boys lost the game but fought bravely. Jarrod scored a goal, which brings him up to a goal a game so far.

We then ventured to Werribee to watch my nephew Callan line up for the Werribee Tigers Reserves, they won, Callan got about 5 minutes ground time as he is returning from injury. Last week he lined up for Rupertswood and kicked 7 goals, so he is on his way back.

My venture into reality TV is my annual pilgrimage to watch Big Brother, I was shocked tonight to see Aphrodite voted out, I was sure it would be Igor. Well I suppose it will only be another week till he is gone, now that this has hit the newspapers.