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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mum update

As a lot of my friends know My mum has was diagnosed with bowel cancer on 1st Dec she was operated on 17th Dec, we had to go back to the hosp for the final results today, she is clear of all cancer except for there was a small spot found on a lymph node but nothing else so it looks like it hasn't spread and she has decided against chemo as the treatment is worse that the possible outcome. I respect that choice as she has had a pretty shitty 12 months and just wants some quality of life for the foreseeable future.

So it's all looking pretty positive at the moment, the Dr's can't guarantee that the cancer won't come back even with Chemo, they say that it's less likely to, but in the meantime Mum would have to endure at least 6 months of treatment with yuckky side effects, with no guarantee.

I agree with her decision as the thought of another 6 months of basically feeling like shit isn't something to look forward to without any guarantees.

So there is the update, she is still re covering from the major surgery but we are thinking positive for the moment.

Thanks to all my friends for your support.