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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When choices have to be made.

The gorgeous and talented surgeon says the operation has to be done next week, no question. The kids are so looking forward to going to Sydney for a break. Not going to happen , except my wonderful family say still send the kids up. I had to make the choice of not being with my kids at Xmas or them being in Sydney for the reunion. Well they are going to Sydney all booked on flights with my wonderful family looking after them. I'll miss them terribly but they deserve a good Xmas which I can't offer.

I love you J and R, and you have accepted that for this Xmas times are difficult but you will have a great time in Sydney with your family. You will need to teach me how to work the web cam so we can catch up on Xmas day.

It's a tough time today, the shock of being told that something you thought would happen in 4 weeks time is happening next week is mind boggling. I want to thank my friends that have supported me tonight>