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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life in General

Yesterday, don't ask me what I did, but I am sure it involved Dr's etc, today certainly did, Mum did her pre admission stuff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, whilst I did the picking up her sisters that have travelled down from Sydney from the airport duty.

I must say that the staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital are gems, I am sure that there maybe some that are not angels, but everyone one we met today were beautiful people, Mum is a public patient and if the service we got today is an example of the public system then it's working well. Unlike in 1999 when I wouldn't have sent my dog to that hospital.

Tomorrow a bit of respite with my work Xmas do, in the meantime, the number of residents that have contacted me to congratulate me and request help has been overwhelming, I thank god for email and SMS, as I have managed to answer them all.

Still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'll spend Xmas without my kids, but it's the best for everyone, and we'll make up for it some how.

To my wonderful friends, that have provided amasing support, thank you so much.