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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The week ahead

Is looking incredibly busy. Work Monday, Tues, Weds. Meeting Mon night, Council functions Wed, Thurs, Fri. Then I have to find time to be a parent, which always comes first anyway.

Jarrod has been diagnosed with having a slightly prolapsed disc in his lower back, thanks to a player kneeing him in the back at the Grand Final, so we are off to Physio for what we are praying is treatment that will allow him to carry on with his commitments to the Calder Cannons, and to top it off an ENT Surgeon has diagnosed him with Polyps, mainly due to the half dozen broken noses he has had over the last 11 years. So we are off to the Freemasons for Surgery on Thursday and then after about a week of recovery.

Riles is just plodding along, she went to the show the other day (Thanks Leeanne) and we have a Pediatrician appt on Friday for some issues she has been having. Riley will be performing with the Sunbury Divas next Sunday Afternoon at Melbourne Town Hall so that's pretty exciting.

And there is an election coming up so life will be more than busy for the next 2 months.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another September journey

Well the Swans won against North, now we are into the Semi on Friday night. I would love to see them win but the game the week after scares me, so I would rather bow out graciously on Fri night and let the Cats wipe the Bulldogs out the week after because I can't see anyone beating the Cats.

I have a choice for Fri night the Local Art Show opening or the GAME, the GAME will win out as it has been neglected for most of the year due to other commitments.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Little things amuse!!!!!!!!!

Well some little things do others don't like a previous relevant community member who is no longer relevant making a claim that the local Centrelink office is going to close. This is not the case and he wasted many hours of people's time in ascertaining that this was not the case, not to mention the number of vulnerable Centrelink clients that felt threatened by this unfounded rumour.

Surfing the web tonight checking out possible election candidates I was amused by the following statement.

"After many conversations with regular train computers I agree that......"

I want to meet this train computer as they don't talk to me!