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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A proud mum post

Today my son Jarrod went to Shepparton to see a friend, he has done this on a Saturday for the last couple of weeks. He catches the 4pm train back to Melbourne and it all runs pretty smoothly, I called him at 3.50pm to make sure he was on track to get the train and there were no problems, until 4.15 when my phone rang and Jarrod first words to me is that he is going to be home very late, at first I let fly saying how could you miss the train etc etc, then he told me to calm down and that the train had hit a person.

Well eventually after police, ambulance and coroner as the person was dead had arrived, they were allowed to get off the train to meet a bus about 1km up the line. I was trying to call him and he didn't answer his phone, so I was panicky and eventually when he did answer, he said he couldn't answer as he was helping people get off the train.

Eventually he arrives back in Sunbury, I pick him up from the station and ask more about the situation. Firstly it was a suicide, which makes me angry to start with, OK, if you want to kill yourself do it in a way that doesn't effect heaps of people.

So, I said that it was great of him to help others, I suppose everyone would have been helping out, he said no, it was only him and another guy and a girl that was a medical student that was helping an elderly lady that was on her way to Melbourne for heart surgery. Jarrod said his back was killing him as he was carrying a lot of the elderly people's luggage for them. He said a V line guy took his name and address, so he is just hoping to get his ticket refunded, I think he as least deserves that plus a letter of appreciation.

He is home, safe and sound. I think even though he is putting on the 16 year old bravado, deep down he is pretty shaken.

When he was telling me how he was helping people, I was just so proud. Even though he can give me some grief at times he is growing up to be a respectful nice young man.

Well done Jarrod,