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Sunday, June 24, 2007

RIP Birdy

Our Budgie passed away overnight, it made for a pretty emotional day. Mr J buried him, before kicking 2 goals against Gissy and I waited till Miss R got home from seeing the Choir of Hard Knocks Concert to tell her. She was upset to say the least but he had a good innings.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

In news this week

I have a job, I haven't wanted or needed to work for the last year, however this week I have been asked to work casually for the next 3 weeks. 3 days a week, doing I don't really know what, but, my mind will be sort of engaged. If you really want to know who I am working for, email me.

This weekend will see me travelling Melbourne for the Under 15 Metro Championships. Mr J is wearing no 19 and a bad head cold, like his mother. Anyway as long as he tries, I'll be happy.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Thanks for nothing Umpires

I hate blaming umpires for losses, but last night was a terrible blight on umpiring. Quite frankly you are turning me off AFL.

Lions U16A won today, their head wasn't quite there but they did what they needed to. Next week see's us travelling the countryside from Braybrook to Montmerency for rep games and we might miss the Swans game, and I can't say that I am sorry about that, the AFL need to take a good look at the In the back rule, if Warrick Capper had of been playing now he would never have got a mark. FGS, this is footy not basketball!