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Friday, August 25, 2006

Illness, Dr's and TV news

I haven't bothered mentioning it before but the family including myself have had a horrible virus that has been sticking around for too long now (4th week). From all accounts this virus is raging in the area, even Miss R's school had 10 teachers away for part of last week with it. It starts as a tummy bug then aches and pains, then shocking pains in the head. We thought we were all over it mid this week, alas it's not meant to be.

I have a fantastic family doctor, he is 87, but is still going strong. He was recently voted one of the 50th most intriguing GP's by Australian Doctor (Page 10). Anyway we got a call yesterday from the Clinic to ask if Mum would like to be interviewed by Channel 7 News about Dr Rosenhain, sure no problem! She has a weekly appointment on a Friday so it wasn't any imposition. We arrived at the Clinic, and within about 20 minutes of waiting for this all to start happening, she told me she wasn't feeling well, had a yukky tummy etc, a minute or so later she feinted in the waiting room. I was understandably alarmed and yelled for assistance which came very fast.

From there is where it gets funnier by the minute, I can say that now. Dr Rosenhain comes out as he can hear a commotion, ans out follow the news crew from 7. We got Mum into a wheel chair and here are Ch 7 taping the whole thing, including the follow up examination. As I was in the room as well, they decided to interview me as well, after interviewing Mum when she was more lucid. Anyway, Mum is feeling better now but guess who isn't ME!!!!!!!!. I am trying to tell myself that I can't possibly get this bug for a 2nd time, I hope the positive thinking gets me through.

For those interested the segment will be on Seven News on Tuesday 29th August at 6pm.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am so proud of my boy

Grand Final day today, the team were pumped, but we didn't get the result we wanted. Our team kicked 1 goal, and at least Mr J was the sole goal kicker. Same as last year. So proud of you Mr J, 2 Grand Finals and a goal in each of them. Congrats to Rupertswood, they were a better team on the day, and congrats to the best on ground Matt Medcraft for Rupo. The kid is a gun footballer, regardless of where his father sits on political matters.

Must mention Miss R who put in 7 hours yesterday at Vic Championships of Calestenics in Burwood, despite being very ill over the last week and again tonight. Well done R.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sunbury is pretty average!

Take a look at this site and compare your Suburb.

Crossing the Floor!

I met Russell Broadbent a few months back at an Enviromental Awards Ceremony. He came across to me as a nice guy, very witty, and genuine and me saying that about a Lib is a big call. His character came through this week he along with Judi Moylan and Petro Georgio crossed the floor to vote against the Migration Bill. Now the real story will be whether Steve Fielding from Family First, remember the name FAMILY FIRST, decides to use his vote in the Senate to block the bill. Remember Steve you are a representative of FAMILY FIRST, so I assume that you won't want to lock up women and children in Nairu. If you vote for this bill, you should rename your pary FAMILY LAST.

Congrats should also go to little known National Party ex whip John Forrest who abstained from voting and resigned from his "whipship" I heard him interviewed on the ABC today and he sounds like another genuine person who is concerned about more than interest rates.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The start of something!

Mr J has enrolled in the Reach Program, it's a program that was started my former Melbourne Demons player Jim Stynes and it empowers kids to believe in themselves and believe that they can achieve any thing they put their mind to. Luckily they are running it for the first time in Broadmeadows and he really enjoyed his first night. He even talked about continuing on to Year 12 in the car on the way home, now that is something. Fingers crossed it keeps moving forward.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Too Easy!!!!!!!!

Well tonight is Census night, and I have just filled it in online. It was so easy, much easier than filling in the paper form. The form only arrived yesterday as it was. At one stage though I thought that I may not have to fill it in as Miss R ended up in Sunshine Hospital again overnight with Asthma. I was sitting in the ward this morning after a very broken sleep on a matress on the floor, and all of a sudden, I thought what would happen if she has to stay tonight. I imagine that each person is given a form at the hospital to complete, not sure what the process would have been. Anyway we are both home so it wasn't something that I had to address.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dancing with Lies

This is very funny!

Where's my Census

4 days out from when I am supposed to fill in my form, I DON"T HAVE IT. I am pretty organised and want my census form NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh and!

I forgot to mention that I have booked a family holiday for January to, guess where, BALI!!!!!!. I was originally going to try and go next month in the School Holidays but Jetstar brought out some great airfares and I took advantage of having an extra 6 nights than I had budgeted for in September.

9th January we take off, had to wait until then as the wedding of the year is on the weekend before.

New Car

It's amazing what can be achieved in 4 days when you put your mind to it. Last Tuesday I spotted an ad in the local paper for a Duel Fuel 2003 Commodore and by Friday afternoon I had bought it. This pic isn't my car but of a similar model and same color as mine. Do you know how hard it is to find the color names of Holdens, there is no resource on the WWW, but luckily I found and the VY forum helped me out. For those interested the color is called "Cove Mica"

And... I have finally recieved the cheque I was waiting for.

Owed nothing!